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Our Breeder Bucks are "Grey" in color and are chosen from some of the best Typical Whitetail breeding stock available in Texas.  They are Texas bred and born and represent some of the best line bred Texas genetics on the market.  So if you are looking to improve your ranch herd genetics, or just looking to stock your ranch with the best hunt ranch trophy bucks.  Call us --  We can help!

WDR 16-54 @2


2020 Breeder Bucks ----- Texas Typicals


Our Deer are Texas lineages and are built for the hot Texas climate, you won't have to put out special feeds or watch your newly purchased northern bloodlines slowly dwindle in the hot Texas climate. 

Buy with confidence: -- Every deer is DNA certified and comes with a verified DNA Pedigree sheet.

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Ballistic @ 5

Texas Genetics vs. Northern Genetics

DD Tripple Ought

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On Sale Now!

DD Tripple Ought