Year Round Delivery Available

CWD Level "11th Yr. Certified" -----TAHC ,  11th Yr. Status Herd,  "No-Test" Deer.


We are A movement qualified TC1 Facility, and allowed by TPWD to deliver deer year round, so call for scheduling.  (505) 681-5210

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Custom Breeding Options:

Huge Texas Typical Whitetail Deer For Sale.

BUILD-A-BUCK:  Custom Breeding Avaialble

Pick-A-Buck & Pick-A-Doe and then we Breed them to your liking.


If it's AI or natural breeding you prefer we can help you accomplish your goals and help you get your Ranch pointed in the right direction.

 Texas Typical Whitetail Deer for Sale.

 Located in the Texas hill country near Marble Falls, sits an oasis of perfect deer habitat for growing some of the largest typical deer found in Texas.  We are offering a select few of those deer for sale every year, for you to stock your Ranch or Hunting Operation.

Texas Genetics

Check out "Ballistic" @6 -- Scores Est. 265 Gross B&C


Crossing the Bambi Cactus Jr. Bloodline with WDR Firestorm Lineages to create our own fully stacked, long-tined, multi-split, Christmas tree pointed, huge Texas Typical Grey Deer!  No northern red deer found here.


Wunderbar Deer Ranch


Founded: 2008

Owner: Jay Reichert

Certifications: Tx Breeder #2692

CWD-----TAHC Level 11th Yr-----Certified TPWD ----- TC1 Status Herd!

Areas of expertise:  Deer Breeding, Sales, AI, Darting, Fencing, Ranch Stocking, DNA Certification, Hunting Ranches, Deer Plastic Sales