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Ask about our "Build-A-Doe" program.

Custom Built Bred Does ----- 2021 Delivery

2021 Ballistic Fawns Available -- Call for Pricing

2021 Bred Does --- Sold Out!

Don't wait, we have a limited number of Bred Does available for March 2018 Delivery. 

     Call for Pricing.  (505) 681-5210

2021 Breeding Season

-- AI Semen Selection:

     WDR Ballistic -- Huge Pure Texas Genetics
     WDR 14-29 Ballistic Son-- Sexed Semen
     WDR 14-17 Crown Royal Jr. -Sexed Semen
     WDR 14-19 Tuff -- Sexed Semen

     WDR 15-02 Ballistic Jr. -- Sexed Semen

     Many others to choose from!


These are some of the top AI straws available on the market today.  WDR Ballistic will also be available as a cover buck.